powerful shifts

Terecita inspires, awakens, and empowers every woman in the room.

Her passion, knowledge, experience and solid belief that every woman has an empowered self that is just waiting to be set free shows.  

Her audiences are able to connect with themselves and others, they grow, laugh, and cry.  Everyone leaves feeling inspired with a new awareness of self, and feeling empowered with new tools and actionable steps that they can use to begin their own transformational journey.

The power of surrounding yourself with women on the same journey when you are trying to make powerful shifts in your life cannot be understated. The energies of love, cooperation, and connection come into full alignment. You begin to realize the power you have to free yourself and embrace your own truth, to move into bold action towards the freedom, fulfillment and the abundance you seek.

Signature Talks:

  • Freeing Your Empowered Self– Reclaim your worth, stand in your truth, show up for  yourself in brand new way. It’s going to take radical unlearning and reclaiming.  Get spiritual principles and practical tools to free yourself from the past and focus on your infinite potential.
  • Redesign Your Redesign Your Relationship With Money- Spiritual principles and practical steps to uncover money blocks and begin creating the abundance you desire. 
  • Ending Your Emotional Relationship with Food– A holistic approach to healing your relationship with yourself, food, and your body.  It’s not about food rules, willpower, or the best diet. It’s about developing a deeper awareness of your emotions, your specific feeling, and most importantly what to do with them so you dont need to ‘eat’ them anymore.

Empower you audience in a way they will never forget!

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