End Emotional Eating

Feel Better, Eat Better, Look Better, Be Healthier

You’re here because:

  • You’re tired of feeling frustrated, anxious and discouraged because of food, your weight and shape.
  • You’re tired of standing in front of your closet, trying to figure out what will camouflage those areas of your body that you don’t like so much.
  • You’re tired of being on the diet rollercoaster, never experiencing any lasting results.
  • You are sick of turning to food every time you feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed.
  • Even though you intend to eat healthy, you just can’t seem to stick with your plan, and you don’t know what just happened.
  • You’re tired of trying to control your cravings and losing the battle very time?
  • This is a battle you’ve been fighting for years and you are ready to end the struggle for good!

Most women just stay stuck, struggling along year after year. Things are bad, but not bad enough to commit to making a change. Or, they’ve lost hope after a string of failures, and have accepted their current state as normal, despite a deep feeling of discouragement and dissatisfaction.

It’s much easier to give in to the food and try and numb themselves, rather than to invest in themselves and commit to real long-term transformation.

But you are here because you want something different! You want to feel better, eat better, look better and be healthier!

You are worthy of it all, your goals, your dreams, your desires, and true joy!

No more deprivation diets, it’s time to change your relationship with food and your body for good!

This 12-week program is for you if: 

  • You often say “Today is the day I will start eating healthy, but you can’t get started or you sabotage yourself before the day is over.
  • You often say “Tomorrow will be different”.
  • You turn to food to deal with your emotions.
  • You obsess about food all the time.
  • You have a critical inner voice that judges you for not eating the “right foods.”
  • You just can’t seem to lose the weight no matter what new diet you try.
  • You are ready to stop hiding behind the baggy clothes and self-doubt.
  • You are ready to look inside yourself and change the thoughts that are keeping you stuck.
  • You are ready to let go of stress and anxiety around food, your body and life.
  • You are ready to conquer your cravings and put an end to emotional eating.

I’ve been where you are. I struggled with emotional eating and my weight for many years. I remember standing in my pantry with an empty box and not remembering that I ate all those crackers the night before. I know what it takes to gain control. As your coach, I will empower you with the tools, strategies, you need during the change process. I’m here to guide and support you every step of the way.

In this 12-week program, you will:

  • Ditch the stressful diet and calorie counting.
  • Understand which foods make you feel your best.
  • Effectively plan satisfying meals.
  • Improve your digestion, mood, energy and wellness.
  • Recognize your triggers and how to deal with them.
  • Learn non-food ways to nourish your emotional needs.
  • Learn how to set boundaries and practice self-love.
  • Learn how to eat without feeling guilty.
  • Increase awareness of your physical, emotional and spiritual self.
  • Create an inspired fitness routine you enjoy.
  • Have tools and strategies for relapse prevention.

This is about YOU taking back your power, and regaining control.
Throw out those diet books and let’s get started today!