Half Day Workshops


Workshop topics will focus on integrating wellness into your lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

I believe that wellness is a 360-degree conversation – from the thoughts we feed ourselves, to how we fuel our bodies and the relationships we have. These are integral parts of living well and being successful as an entrepreneur.

Participants will leave with a new awareness and feeling empowered to implement  the learning generated during the workshop. Participants walk away with new tools and  actionable steps that they can apply to your life.

There were a lot of conferences but nothing focused on wellness from an education standpoint.

Participants attending a half day workshop may be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to their workshop. This questionnaire will allow me to better understand individual needs and themes that can support the collective learning and goal of the session.

Half Day Workshops:

I want every attendee to leave feeling inspired, positive, uplifted and connected to one another.

Includes questionnaire prior to workshop, to determine the specific needs and goals of the group

Personal and career transformational topics customized according to the needs of the workshop attendees

Participants learn new tools and personal action planning steps to help move their life and business forward

Participants gain new awareness and empowerment to take action on information learned during the workshop.

 Being in a community with those looking to live their healthiest, best lives is what I get most excited about. The power of surrounding yourself with like-minded people when you are trying to make shifts in your life cannot be understated. But most of all, I am thrilled that every person will walk away with actionable, attainable steps on how to infuse wellness into their daily lives.