Hello, I’m Terecita Your Total Fitness Transformation Coach

I am a Certified Holistic Health and Fitness Coach with certifications in Applied Health and Fitness Psychology, Fitness Training, Sports Nutrition.

I’ve worked in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and I specialize in empowering women with the tools to break through their barriers to weight loss success, so that they can create a healthy lifestyle that lasts. My own journey to transformation, and a deep desire to help others transform their own lives is why I do this work.

When it comes to getting healthy and making a lifestyle change, we hear so much about dieting and getting more exercise. But even with all diet and exercise plans on the market, most people fail to reach their goals, and even if they do, they are unable to maintain the results long-term. They end up in an endless cycle of dieting, frustration and discouragement. This was also my own story for over 20 years!

I was on the diet rollercoaster for many years; trying every new diet that came on the market, but never having any lasting results. I just ended up gaining more weight, and feeling more discouraged and disgusted with myself for not being able to lose the weight and keep it off.

My wakeup call came when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, with high cholesterol and I was prescribed depression medication. I was about 50 lbs. overweight and miserable.

It was time to take control of my health, but my approach was the same as before. Different diet, same results. I had no idea that losing weight and keeping it off was more than just the newest fad diet, eating less and moving more.

Thankfully after about a year of struggle, I decided to seek the help of a professional.  I learned that I needed to make some shifts in my mindset, my approach to exercise, and my nutritional choices.

If I wanted things to change, I had to do something different, I had to do the inner work first. Learning that I had the power to rewrite the stories that kept me stuck, allowed me to transform my health and my life. I was able to get off depression meds, reverse pre-diabetes, get healthy, and lose the excess body fat. My relationship with food changed completely, I don’t diet, and I am no longer in a daily struggle with my body and weight.

The mindset work really changed things for me. I felt empowered to make better choices and I learned the most effective ways train for my goals.  I have transformed my health and my life from the inside out. So, it’s fair to say that what it really takes to get healthy and keep weight off even after 40.

As a Transformational Coach, I take a holistic approach to creating overall wellness, fitness and health using a 3-step system, mindset, movement, nutrition.

I know this system works when you commit to doing the work, and I will be with you every step of the way.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice. While you do not always have control over how or when changes occur in your life, you can choose how you are in relation to those changes. When you step towards, rather than ignore, fight, or resist change, you reclaim your personal freedom. You step onto a path of transformation, and move from being a victim of change, to being a co-creator with change.”

— Heather Ash Amara ~Warrior Goddess Training

Are you ready to begin your transformation and step confidently into the body and life you deserve?

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