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7 Tips to Stay Calm in the midst of Chaos

Many people are going through intense cycles of fear, anxiety and stress in reaction to the current out of control events, and the mass panic in the media. Most are in massive amounts of fear energy, hoarding, and in survival mode.

 Its all about each person for themselves. This coupled with the fact that we have been forced to isolate and fear others, can eventually take its toll on our mental health and our immune system. The more you stress, the more you decrease your immune functioning, the more susceptible you are to illness.

Feeling and behaving in the fear-based way is not beyond your control. In fact, this is the area where you have the greatest control, your internal, emotional state. Being aware of and being able to manage your emotional state is of utmost important during this time.

Focus on the things you can control rather than what you cannot.  You can regulate your thoughts and emotions. You can choose to think about things you are grateful for, and move into feelings of love and appreciation.  If you are having trouble feeling any positive emotions, you may need an emotional release. Spend some time journaling your concerns, then look at what you’ve written. Can you find things to be grateful for despite your concerns? If you need to, have a good cry, perhaps hit a pillow and scream to get some of that trapped fear out of your body.

Find healthy distractions.  This is a great time to start or finish a creative project. Organize your home.  Play. Laugh. Do things that make you feel happy.

Eat healthy, exercise and take care of you!  Exercise and eating healthy promotes feelings of well-being and boosts your immunity. Exercise can be as simple as turning on some music and dancing, following an online exercise program, reading a good book, or going for a walk in your neighborhood.  Do something (no matter how small) every day, just for you.

Deepen your spiritual practice.  Where I am finding the most comfort is in my meditation practice and I hope you are too.  Your meditation practice will help elevate your frequency (mood) and boost your immune system. I’ve included some very relaxing music that you can use as you like.

Be of service to others.  In a time when we are being told to isolate ourselves, there are still ways to be of service to people in your community who need it.  Do some online shopping a drop it off at the front door.

Minimize your exposure to the newsSeriously. Remember, what you choose to focus on, expands. Get your info from a reliable source!   Stop scrolling on social media. ONLY go to the accounts that are posting uplifting material.

Personally, I choose to continue to limit my exposure to the news as I have always done. I consciously choose what I give my attention to, and I take the necessary precautions from an intelligent, clear, centered place.

Allow yourself to think and talk about “best-case scenarios.”  With all the worst-case scenarios going around, I suggest you combat that with considering the blessings that may come from this time.  We are all being asked to slow down, go within, minimize distraction, prioritize ourselves and our loved ones, take care of neighbors, shift our energy out of fear, and raise our consciousness.  These are all incredible things . . . consider the positive changes that could come from this.

“Before you turn away from a problem, be sure you don’t need the gift that it is holding for you”

  • May you be happy
  • May you be healthy
  • May you live with ease
  • May you always choose love!

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