3 Types of People Necessary For Your Success

Whatever you achieve or don’t achieve is significantly affected by your interactions with the people you associate with on a regular basis.

Watch out for the naysayers, pessimists, gossipers, and negative folks that can hold you back.

Trying to go for your dreams while surrounded by negative and unsupportive people is like trying to go on your dream trip with your kids tightly wrapped around your legs begging you not to go and giving all kinds of reasons you shouldn’t. It’s a real struggle and you probably won’t get very far, or you may just decide to stay at home.

To be successful in pursuing dreams and goals, it takes a supportive community, people who cheer you on, hold you accountable, inspire you to aim higher, and are eager to provide resources to help you reach your next level.

Surrounding yourself with a supportive community is mandatory for 2 reasons.

1. Change is difficult and it often takes a lot of courage. If the people around you don’t get it, or don’t support you, it will be very easy to remain in the status quo. I mean why risk being left out when you’ve got so much support in staying right where you are?

2. You tend to become more like those who you are with. Not only are we attracted to people like us, we also tend to unconsciously mimic the people around us to feel like we fit in. 

“We often don’t step out of comfort zone because it contains the people who confirm our old ways of seeing things”.

To avoid these pitfalls, surrounding yourself with these 3 kinds of supporters are absolutely necessary on your journey.

1. Your Fan Club: Those who believe in you, they see your potential, they encourage and celebrate even your small success.

2. Your Confidants: These are the people you can talk to intimately. Your trusted friends. The ones who say I get it. I totally understand.

3. The Way Makers: These are your role models. They serve as proof that success is possible. The ones who say, “you can do it, let me show you how”. They provide you with valuable information and the resources you need to be successful.

Journaling Activity: Take a few moments to reflect on these questions

Who is in your community? List Naysayers, pessimists, Fans, Confidants, Way Makers

Who would fit into each category?

Which list is longer? Naysayers or Supporters?

How do the naysayers, negative folks affect you?

If the naysayers list is longer, make an effort to find people who not only support you where you are now, but also encourage you to be person you are striving to become.

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