Activating The Power of Self Love

The divine feminine power of Self Love within you is waiting to be activated and expressed. This is your power to make decisions, to speak your truth, to take action, to stand up for yourself and what you believe in, and to believe in your worthiness to receive ALL of your heart’s desires.

Often when we think of power, we think in masculine terms, through outer validation, based on what we can see and touch. Competition is key when it comes to masculine power and success.

This model doesn’t really apply to women as it is more physical in nature, more competitive, and based mostly in outer validation.

As women we do have both the masculine and feminine power, and we often tend to measure our influence and success mostly by the masculine definition and outer validation; by how much money we make, our jobs and titles, our material possessions and our lifestyle options.

Feminine power and gifts are not as visible and therefore, not valued as much because they can’t be measured. How do we measure our innate qualities of love, caring for others, cooperation, and deep connections with people and our communities? How do we measure the subtle ways of our influence? How do we measure living a life that FEELS good instead of a life that just looks good?

Femininity itself IS power. We have been led to believe that it is our weakness when, in fact, it is our true power. It contains all of our greatest gifts.  Our Divine feminine Power is a healing force that must also be fully expressed. So how do we do that?

It’s all about SELF-LOVE! By truly loving who you are and embracing your feminine side, you stop looking for outside validation and waiting for others to tell you they love you, and you start telling YOURSELF. You begin to own and embody that love.

The Gifts of Feminine Power (Self Love)

The Gift of Creative Power. With this power we can transform our emotions, turning depression into a joyful expression of life, transforming deep disappointment into joy and fulfillment.

In 2006 I made a life changing decision and started the divorce process.  On my journey to healing from divorce, reconnecting with myself and reclaiming my life, I had to quiet my mind, and tap into my inner power and be led by my own intuition. In the midst of the chaos, I decided to take a dance class, something I had always loved, but had stopped doing.

It was so good to reconnect with me and also very healing.  A few years later, I took a solo trip to Thailand, a place I had always wanted to visit. I met a great group of people there who have become new friends. A year later, I went on to co-author a book which was also made into a film documentary.  In between all of this life wasn’t exactly rosy, but I was was creating a better relationship with me, something I had lost.

Reconnecting with myself, and being able to inspire and empower other women with my story has been healing and transformational.  In my work now as an Intuitive Empowerment coach I support women in the process of successfully navigating life’s unexpected challenges and creating a life they love waking up to. It’s a journey that has to begin within.

The Gift of Intuitive Power.  It’s our ability to trust our own inner voice. Our ability to follow our soul’s guidance consistently. When we are connected to our intuitive power, we know the vision for our own life.

The Gift of Clarity. Clarity clears away the clouds of confusion. You get clear on how you perceive yourself. Do you feel beautiful? Do you feel worthy and capable? Do you feel strong? Do you feel powerful?

The Gift of Letting Go. Letting go is about being able to actively take charge of your thoughts and let go of unproductive patterns, beliefs, and habits that keep you stuck.  Become conscious of self-sabotaging thoughts and old beliefs. Notice when you are speaking negatively about yourself, devaluing yourself or comparing yourself with others. These are things that can be changed. Remember, you ARE a unique individual.

The Gift of Breakthrough. Breaking through limitations means questioning those old beliefs and making changes so that you can be the person you want to be. You have the power to shift old beliefs and negative thought patterns, by believing in your strengths and who you are today.

The Gift of Empowerment. The power to move through strong emotions like fear, anger, and disappointment, to learn from them and transform them into positive qualities to move you forward in life.

The Gift of Boundaries. Walk away from toxic relationships and situations. When you embody self-love, you will no longer settle for less than you deserve. You will no longer say yes, when you really want to say no. You will no longer be interested in spending time with people who drain your energy and behave in negative ways. Moving away from toxic people is a natural consequence of loving yourself more. It will clear out those who don’t love and appreciate you, and make space for those who do.

The Gift of Personal Transformation. Personal transformation is a choice. You choose to change. You give yourself permission to do the internal work. You gain the strength to break old patterns, and the confidence and power to create a new YOU. Own your personal transformation and whatever needs to be changed.

When a woman applies these sacred principles to her life, she steps into her power and falls in love with herself, she knows who she is, she embraces her creativity, she reclaims her values and her voice. She honors her body through optimal nourishment, self-care and movement. She steps out of hiding and confidently shares her beauty and gifts with the world! The world needs your Divine Feminine Power NOW!

What resonated most with you in this article and why? What can you apply in your life right now? I would love to hear your feedback. Please drop me an email Terecita@inherpowercoaching.com

Terecita Sterling

Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Certified CBT Coach

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