Feeling Stuck?

It’s time to stop blaming circumstances and accept that the real reason why you’re not doing what you are capable of and having success YOU.  It’s your own mindset, limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy habits that’s keeping you from having the life you desire. How many times have you given up because you listened to that little voice that told said “You can’t do that”?

How often do you experience any of these?:

  • Self Doubt, not feeling good enough.

  • Fear of failure yet again.

  • Always putting the needs of others before your own. 

  • Lack of confidence.

  • Stress and overwhelm

  • Self sabotage.

Most of the sabotaging beliefs, emotions and behaviors listed above are unconscious. So it’s no wonder you can’t change them; it’s impossible to change something you aren’t even aware of in the moment.

In minds crammed with stressful thoughts, and bodies unhealthy from neglect, there is just no space for manifesting your desires.

This is where Mindset Coaching comes in.

I’m Terecita, your Personal Empowerment Coach.  I empower women with the tools and strategies to tune into the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that keep them stuck, so that they cant take themselves off autopilot and stop sabotaging their goals and dreams. 

Since your beliefs play a large part in shaping how you experience life, what happens when you change the way you think is that you automatically change how you feel and how you behave. This leads to person growth, wellness and overall well-being in every area of your life.

As a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach with certifications in Alternative and Integrative Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Exercise Science and Mindset Training, I use my experience, knowledge and skills to You gain the clarity and confidence you need to create fulfilling lifestyle you desire, instead of the life you’ve been settling for.

My own journey from being depressed, overweight and unhealthy to now being in the best shape of my life, gives me the ability to understand the journey and what it takes to make a permanent lifestyle change. Read more…

I know you may be thinking right now,  do I really need a coach? Maybe I can do this on my own, or maybe you are thinking its too late for you. Well Im here to tell you it’s never too late! You just have to be willing to change your mind. 

You CAN choose to live a healthy, vibrant, empowered life where you are thriving instead of just surviving 

Just imagine what you’ll achieve when:

  • You can spot limiting beliefs and old stories as soon as they pop up and  replace them with helpful, positive, solution-focused beliefs.

  • The voice in your head is loving, compassionate and constructive, instead of doubtful and judgmental.

  • You feel empowered to get things done, instead of sabotaging yourself every time.

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“I just wanted to let Terecita Sterling know how much I appreciate having her in my life! Today I went shopping for a dress and tried on a size 4 & it FIT!!!!! I seriously wanted to cry when I zipped it up. I look at my “before” picture and I don’t even know that girl… she was covered up, wearing layered shirts with sleeves, and jeans!!! The woman I am today is stronger, confident, LEANER, & doesn’t even remember what it’s like to wear “jeans” or long sleeves… unless it’s winter…lol. this journey, especially the last year and a half has had its ups and downs, but I kept going and it’s finally paying off!!!! I am proud to say that I USED to be a size 10… but today, I am a size 4 and my body fat is 6% less than it used to be!! So again, thank you Terecita Sterling for being such a positive influence in my life and giving me this amazing journey and changing my life to much greater things!!!!”

Tatiana P.

“This program has not only gotten me healthier, it has given me the confidence to wear a fitted dress. About six months ago, I would have never worn a fitted dress like this, but thank God for the program, for the support, for the love. I am still a work in progress and working with Terecita has contributed to my success thus far, both health wise and mindset. I want to say thank you for providing a holistic approach towards overall health.”

Donna M.