“Change is inevitable, but transformation is by conscious choice.”

— Heather Ash Amara

Are you READY to put an end your struggle with weight for GOOD and create the HEALTHY, FIT, FABULOUS lifestyle you DESIRE?

I get it. I’ve been where you are.

  • You’ve tried various ‘diets’ on your own, but you just can’t seem to keep the weight off long-term.
  • You look in the mirror and feel frustrated, depressed, and disgusted about your body and your weight.
  • You feel like you are in a constant struggle with your weight and you doubt that you will ever win.
  • You eat when you feel sad, depressed and stressed, and don’t know what to do about it.
  • You really dont like to see yourself in the vacation pictures.
  • You feel like something has got to CHANGE!
  • You are ready to discover what’s really keeping you stuck.
  • You are ready to do whatever it takes to… take control of your weight, be more confident, have more energy, look fabulous, and… live  your best life in body you ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

I’m Terecita Sterling, a passionate Holistic Health & Fitness Transformational Coach.  My mission is to empower you with the tools and strategies to MASTER YOUR MINDSET, END THE STRUGGLE with weight FOR GOOD, and create a healthy, fit lifestyle you absolutely LOVE, with clarity and confidence!

Every area of our life is connected and in order to create overall fitness and wellness we must address ALL areas. It’s about being:

  • Mentally Fit: Able to effectively cope with stress and having a more positive outlook.
  • Emotionally Fit: Self awareness, self esteem, confidence, joy
  • Physically Fit: Strength, flexibility, balance
  • Nutritionally fit: Give your body food as close to natural as possible. Your food should NOURISH you and you should ENJOY it.

I use my knowledge and  experience in mindset coaching, fitness training, and nutrition science to help you in each area. You gain the clarity and confidence you need to create the healthy, fit, fulfilling lifestyle you desire.

My own journey from being overweight and unhealthy to now being in the best shape of my life, gives me the ability to understand the journey and what it takes to make a permanent lifestyle change. Read more…

I empower you with the tools and strategies to address the way you think, your stress, food, fitness, motivation and behavior change. You get off the diet roller coaster for good with a sustainable holistic approach that works long-term!  This is where you experience a Total Fitness Transformation!

Everything becomes clearer, your confidence skyrockets, the weight comes off for good, and you step into the next amazing phase, living your BEST LIFE, in a body you absolutely LOVE!

With My Help, You Will:

  • Put an end to self-sabotage. Say bye to those negative thoughts and limiting beliefs; create a new and empowering story that  inspires you, and motivates you to get you into action!
  • Shed those extra pounds for good. End the constant struggle with your weight , get off the diet roller coaster, and begin consistently achieving your goals.
  • Learn powerful strategies to overcome cravings and stop emotional eating. No more hiding. No more out of control eating. No more shame around food.
  • Create your “Personal Power” Menu. No calorie counting, no deprivation, no stress and anxiety around food. Each meal you eat will be satisfying. You will burn fat more effectively, and best of all, improve your overall health and fitness level for good.
  • Create a personalized fitness plan that excites you and inspires you to follow through consistently, and improve your strength, balance and flexibility as well.
  • Experience the clarity, confidence and fulfillment of developing a more positive outlook and a positive body image while creating long term health and fitness that fits YOUR needs and YOUR lifestyle.

This is it! The moment you decide to do something different, to take control and step into the next amazing phase of your life.

Just imagine how different your life could be if you never had to diet again? No more fads or quick fixes that leave you feel discouraged with lack of long-term results

It’s time to unlock your PERSONALIZED solution to optimal health and fitness and I will be with you to guide you every step of the way!

 I offer a couple of different programs. Let’s talk about your health and fitness goals, and what’s getting in the way of you being super successful. 

Schedule your complimentary consultation today.


I know you may be thinking right now,  do I really need a coach? Maybe I can do this on my own.  Isn’t that what you’ve been doing?  Doing the same thing over and over just gets less effective every time.

You are not meant to be in a constant struggle with food and weight. You deserve personalized attention to focus on YOU, so that you can finally put an end to your food and weight struggles for good.   This is your opportunity to do things differently. Schedule your call today!

In the meantime, I’d love to stay in touch. Stay inspired, motivated and supported. Join our holistic community of women on the same journey.

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“I just wanted to let Terecita Sterling know how much I appreciate having her in my life! Today I went shopping for a dress and tried on a size 4 & it FIT!!!!! I seriously wanted to cry when I zipped it up. I look at my “before” picture and I don’t even know that girl… she was covered up, wearing layered shirts with sleeves, and jeans!!! The woman I am today is stronger, confident, LEANER, & doesn’t even remember what it’s like to wear “jeans” or long sleeves… unless it’s winter…lol. this journey, especially the last year and a half has had its ups and downs, but I kept going and it’s finally paying off!!!! I am proud to say that I USED to be a size 10… but today, I am a size 4 and my body fat is 6% less than it used to be!! So again, thank you Terecita Sterling for being such a positive influence in my life and giving me this amazing journey and changing my life to much greater things!!!!”

Tatiana P.

“This program has not only gotten me healthier, it has given me the confidence to wear a fitted dress. About six months ago, I would have never worn a fitted dress like this, but thank God for the program, for the support, for the love. I am still a work in progress and working with Terecita has contributed to my success thus far, both health wise and mindset. I want to say thank you for providing a holistic approach towards overall health.”

Donna M.