Isn’t it about time you reclaim being a fierce woman who is getting what she wants out of life?  You have big goals and dreams that at times may seem intimidating, but it’s time to own your worth and achieve those goals.  You deserve it! 

Give yourself permission to want more, then work towards having more. Do not be afraid to unleash the greatness that is within you and the big goals you will achieve.

♦You want to feel fulfilled and have the freedom to do the things you love.

♦You want to confidently go after and get what  you want in life.

♦You want to attract abundance in every area of your life.

♦You want to be super productive … and also spend enough quality time on self-care and your  overall well-being.

So many, desires so little time! Finding a balance is perhaps our greatest ongoing challenge as women!

Our ability to multi-task, and smoothly navigate the distractions and changes that we encounter on a daily basis, is truly amazing.

However, it’s not long before the hectic pace of doing everything, and the stress of feeling like it’s never enough, and WE are never enough, begins to take its toll.

You start projects but you never seem to get finished. You have had a few wins but you’ve fallen off the wagon. Your inability to say NO, and your lack of boundaries is causing you to burn out before you get to where you want to go. 

If this sounds familiar, you may be feeling tired, overwhelmed, and lacking the confidence and clarity to really go after your dreams and goals… and you’re so ready to be DONE with all of that.

One huge, glaring truth comes up again and again: Success is not one dimensional. Real lasting success must include consideration for our overall success as whole, healthy human beings as well.

I’ve spent a LOT of time having conversations with clients about the struggle between overwhelm and ‘not enoughness’.  As I have personally been navigating these obstacles in my business and in my own life. I have learned quite a bit of valuable things along the way, and  I am able to help my clients do the same.

Hi, I’m Terecita Sterling, your Personal Empowerment Coach. I work with conscious women on the rise who are ready to let go of old dis-empowering stories, reclaim their Personal Power, find Freedom, Abundance, and Fulfillment, and feel their Absolute Best doing it! I’m best known for helping my clients tap into their inner resources, recapture their personal power and vibrant health, and go for  their dreams and goals after years of putting everything, and everyone first on their list but themselves…more about me

Now, I know that with your busy life, it can seem difficult if not impossible, to nourish and care for yourself as you go after your goals and dreams.

 You have an inner critic that wants to keep you playing small by telling you:

♦ You are not good enough

♦ You cant do that

♦ You’re not ready

♦ You need to lose some weight

♦ You need more time

♦ You’ve tried that before and failed

♦ You need more credentials

♦ You need this, that, and the other…

Once your inner critic takes control, most of us believe it and are never able to live out the manifestation of our greatness in this universe.

I have good news though, because I’m here to help you silence that doubtful inner voice and make it a LOT easier for you to confidently achieve your goals and desires. I help women like you find the courage, energy, and confidence to tackle those big personal goals and step into their greatness with clarity and confidence.

We can choose to live a vibrant and empowered life where we are winning and thriving.

I partner with you to build a relationship that is centered on helping you to become aware of the blind spots that have limited your opportunity to manifest the life you desire.  We will identify the limiting beliefs that you have adopted that sabotage all of your efforts, and get in the way of your success. We will engage in coaching conversations that empower you to shift those old stories that get in the way of you saying Yes to yourself. 

I know you may be thinking right now,  do I really need a coach? Maybe I can do this on my own, or maybe you are thinking its too late for you. Well Im here to tell you it’s never too late to create the life you desire.

Just imagine what you’ll achieve when:
You can spot limiting beliefs and old stories as soon as they pop up and replace them with helpful, positive, solution-focused beliefs.

♦ The voice in your head is loving, compassionate and constructive, instead of doubtful and judgmental.

♦ You feel empowered to get things done, instead of sabotaging yourself every time.

♦ You have accountability, support, and the opportunity to consciously design the life you desire.

I Fiercely stand for  the personal growth and  transformation of my clients!

If you are ready to begin saying YES to you today, take the next step to becoming BEST version of you!

Schedule your complimentary consultation today. *Please be sure to complete the assessment, so that we can cover what’s most important for you on our call.