Hi, I'm Terecita

As an intuitive empowerment coach, my mission is to guide you to ignite your inner power, and support you in the process of  letting go of unproductive relationships that steal your joy and leave you feeling like you’re not good enough.  It’s time to Free yourself from your past, focus on your potential!

I support you in cultivating a phenomenal relationship with yourself, so that you can break free from those negative experiences and unproductive patterns permanently, and move forward with clarity, courage and confidence.

It is through an unwavering belief in yourself, authentic self-love and inner power, that you can tap into your potential to overcome any obstacle standing between you and the life you truly desire. 

Too many women are stressed, depressed and exhausted; depleted physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially from being stuck in relationships that are sucking the joy from their lives daily. It’s time to create a strong foundation of strength and resilience, to move from fear, suffering and not enoughness, to freedom, fulfillment and abundance.

2019 What I believe

Your life doesn’t just happen TO you.  What you believe, your thoughts, feelings, and your actions help create it. So at any moment,  YOU have the power to rewrite your story when you commit to the process of healing mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Awesome transformation occurs when we  are finally “sick and tired of being sick and tired”, and we are ready to take a deep and honest look at ourselves. This is how we know and experience the power of tapping into our inner resources to create the life we truly desire. Knowing and claiming our worth and our power inspires us to take bold action towards our vision.

Our most difficult moments define us in many ways. We can chose to grow stronger and wiser as a result of our experiences. From neglecting our own needs, to negative self-talk, fear and anxiety, or deep feelings of unworthiness, it’s time to own our power and move forward with clarity and courage!

Every day provides an opportunity to be who you truly want to be, and to make the choices that bring you closer to the vision you have for our life.

We must be seekers in our own lives following a path of self discovery.

We stay where we are because we allow our unquestioned fears and not enoughness to hold us back.

You are infinitely worthy just as you are.  Knowing and claiming your worth inspires powerful action towards a new vision for your life.  Now is the time to take courageous and bold action towards freedom, abundance and fulfillment  in every area of your life.

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